Fall 2012 Table of Contents

Fall 2012

President’s Page

Expanding Lawyer for Day at Housing Court: One Piece of Homelessness Puzzle
– By James D. Smeallie

Featured Articles

20/20 on 2020: Predictions for the Future of Social Media and the Law
 – By David Kluft, Peter Lefkowitz, Martha Mazzone, Zick Rubin and Tom Hemnes

Vexatious Litigation: A Vexing Problem
 – By Richard M. Zielinski

Oh, the Places You’ve Been! Preserving Privacy in a Cellular Age
 – By Sara E. Silva

Sealing the Virtual Envelope: Protecting Attorney-Client Privileged Email in Criminal Investigations
 – By Michele L. Adelman and Jennifer S. Behr

Don’t Click This Article!
 – By Richard J. Yurko

Preserving Evidence To Convict the Guilty and Protect the Innocent: Massachusetts’ Post-Conviction Access to Forensic and Scientific Analysis Act
 – By David M. Siegel and Gregory I. Massing
Translation – By Judge Rudolph Kass (ret.)
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